Reduce the Use Group

A Cognitive-behavioural programme to help support people who wish to work on their substance use or other problematic behaviours.
This programme aims to facilitate new insights into problematic drug or alcohol use. It will help to:

  • increase self-esteem and self-efficacy.
  • learn from others experiences.
  • gain a deeper understanding of your addictive behaviours.
  • gain an awareness of the impact of your drug and alcohol use on self and others.
  • create an awareness of how you can control and change the thought patterns that lead to addictive behaviours.
  • learn how to set goals around reducing your use.
  • learn skills on avoiding situations of risk.
  • have an opportunity to practice new skills.
  • learn how to cope with cravings.
  • gain a practical approach to keeping safe and planning safety.
  • learn how to cope with a lifestyle that is drug and alcohol free or self-controlled.

The programme is informed by cognitive behaviour type interventions and is structured in nature, goal oriented and focused on immediate problem solving. It focuses on analysing thought processes and skills training designed to help you unlearn old habits associated with your drug and alcohol use and learn or relearn healthier skills.