Outreach Programme

Outreach Programme in the parkOur outreach programme engages with people who do not already know about us or who may not wish to access centre-based services. In many ways outreach is an extension of our open access work – we can provide friendly, non-judgmental advice and support on the streets, in cafes, community centres, service users’ homes, or wherever else suits the service user. Services provided include advocacy, phone calls, referrals and brief interventions.

BAP Project Workers engage in street outreach on a daily basis. If for some reason you cannot come to the BAP premises the BAP worker will meet you where it is convenient for you. If you would like to meet the worker just ring the office and a meeting will be arranged.

Home visits/hospital visits/visits while in treatment

If you would rather not come to the BAP premises we will also visit you in your own home. You may have a variety of reasons for not coming to the premises, but this will not prevent you accessing the service. Some people feel more comfortable in their own environment.

People find visits to their home better for them if:-  they have health problems which prevent them leaving the house; they have childcare issues; they would rather not meet other people from the community.

Home visits will also be done if people ask specifically for a visit; if there is a concern about a person’s mental health; or if an unexpected situation arises which requires immediate support/intervention in the home.

Your key worker will also visit you if you are in hospital or if you are in a detoxification and/or treatment centre if you wish.

Ballyfermot Advance Project now offer an out of hours Outreach Service – Please see further information on our news page