Key Working & Case Management

BAP employ Project/Key Workers who provide one-to-one support (key-working) to people with drug and/or alcohol problems. When you access BAP, if you would like individual support, the person on duty will meet with you and discuss the supports you require. Once this happens, within a week you will be allocated a key worker to work with you. The key worker will contact you and meet with you, where a more detailed discussion will take place around the supports you require.

You and your key worker will then look at putting in place a ‘Care Plan’ which will identify the areas of your life you want to change and you will work towards changing those areas you wish to change. Throughout the course of your work with the key worker, you can adapt and change your care plan, to meet your needs as they arise. It may be the case that you would benefit from a coordinated approach to addressing your issues if you are involved with a few different services due to issues in your life, ie, if you are accessing homeless services, may have legal issues, may be involved with probation services, etc.

BAP’s system of key working, care planning and case management is aligned to the principles outlined in the National Rehabilitation Framework (NRF).  For information on the NRF please see htttp://

Our Key Working and Case Management team can provide you with priority support including individuals with complex needs.